18 January 2014

Friday Finish: Scrumptious Swoon Flimsy!

It's Saturday. I know. But I would have had it done yesterday, if I hadn't put two blocks in the wrong spot. The seam ripper and I got reacquainted last night.

I never did rent that helicopter. But I did get my Swoon laid out and stitched together. These are the best photos I can get. This quilt is a monster. Really. This quilt is so big, I don't have an ounce of floor space to lay it out on, let alone photograph it. The grass it is!

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  1. Wow...That is GORGEOUS!!! Feel free to send it my way. *wink*

  2. It is gorgeous. I bought the pattern awhile back and want to make it as a quilt for our bed, but my hubby will freak if I make it too girlie. I am thinking of using a gray as a background. Thank you for inspiring me!

  3. This looks great! What is the finished size? You couldn't fine a giraffe either, huh?

  4. Fabulous!!! Sorry, drooling over here!
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  5. This is gorgeous! A lovely quilt

  6. That is HUGE-mungous! And gorgeous! I love the bright, happy colors - especially the red/pink block in the last row, third in. Love. So, um, you know I have a king size bed, right? ;)

  7. Beautiful, Jennie, really beautiful :)

  8. Beautiful!!!! I love it!!! The colors and well everything about it!!!!


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