11 February 2014

Zippity-doo-dah, Zippity-eh: zippy pouch instant gratification

I really love instant gratification. When you've got a mile-high pile of flimsies that are just waiting to get quilted at your sis-in-law's, you gotta do something.

And it got even better. I was looking for zippers when I happened upon a bunch of zippy bags I'd cut out two Christmases as gifts. Oops! So I got to sewing - no cutting necessary! Love that kind of sewing - sort of "just add water and get a bowl full of brownies" awesome!

I used this pattern, but didn't do the wrist strap because I didn't want to. Simple as that. Still, I like the boxy bottom modification and the little pockets inside.

These two are for my neice, so I'll give them as a Valentine's gift (and they match her Sophia bag!):

These two are for my mother-in-law. Another Valentine's gift!

My purple loving girl has already filled one of these with colored pencils and markers:

I've got about six more cut out, and plans for more. I like it because it works well with directional prints. I'll be cutting out some more, but then I want to try out this pattern because I like the gussets and that the zipper goes around three sides so you can open it pretty wide.

Fresh Poppy Design

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  1. What an awesome finish! I love finishing up something I forgot existed. So, is there a blue bird on your shoulder?


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