07 April 2014

Make-A-List Monday: Welcome warm weather!

Now there are some awesome people who, when the warm weather arrives, get a little stir-crazy and don't sew as much. Me, I think not. It means my kids are playing, right outside my window, and I can sew MORE! They are happier out in the sunshine and they leave me alone.

I finished my I Love Lucy Churn Dash flimsy last week, but I didn't get to the Ruby Grannies. I need to pick up some sashing for my pillow shams and throw pillow, so that didn't happen either. I did get four quilts + a bunch of Christmas gift bags cut out this past weekend, which was awesome.

So the list for this week:
  • Layout and sew Ruby Grannies flimsy
  • Get sashing fabric for pinwheel pillow shams - cut and stitch the fronts together
  • Find a great Christmas quilt pattern
  • Make and post my 2QFAL list (as per usual, it's a monster)
That's all for now. 

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