02 May 2014

Friday Finish: The Multi-Tasker Tote

Or as I took to calling it, the "where in the *@## is my seam ripper" tote.

Seriously. I have been sewing since I was like 8, so we're going on nearly 30 years. I've done the pattern thing, and I love a well-written pattern that doesn't confuse me.

Don't tell me to read through it before I begin. Fat lot of good that does. This bag requires serious reading. Like, analyzing literature to find the hidden meaning reading.

Still. I love the final result.

I've had this Paris print for going on four years now. Bought it in Seattle and stashed it away for a sunny day. Today is that sunny day, and it was all cut out. So I made a bag!

If anyone can tell me why blogger randomly decides to load the picture sideways, I'd love to know. I just wanted to show the purple polka dot side of the straps is all. So here they are. Sideways.

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  1. This post cracked me up! So relatable, heaven kniws I been there wondering how such patterns excist to torture the world and yet the finish is lovely. I adore that fabric but then again Paris is one of my favorite places. I don't know what to tell you about the picture. I've tried so many things in an attempt to fix it to no avail - moody blogger.

  2. That fabric is gorgeous! The bag was worth the effort!

  3. Totally worth the torture to end up with the adorable tote. I would have never survived a pattern that I had to actually read - give me pictures and even better a video or just hold my hand.


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