24 June 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Cake Mini Progress

For shame!

I totally forgot to announce the winner of my Cake Mini!

The best cake guesser were (yes, were!): Jody, Cristina and Kate!

So now you have to tell me your four favorite colors/cake flavors, and your address, and I'll get your cake mini out to you. Could I help it if it was a three-way tie? I don't mind, so no worries!

Thanks everyone for playing along.

I finished my last two cake slices (Tomboy and Cherry Chip) and got the top all stitched together. I debated on whether or not to sash it, but in the end, I just didn't want to bother.

Just have to figure out the back, binding and quilt it. I'm thinking red gingham binding.

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  1. Oh gosh they are so cute! Where do I find the pattern for these?

  2. Oh so pretty! Wonderful fabrics and colors too.

  3. I think I need to have a cake party--make a cake and make a quilt cake:)

  4. Wait, Kate me? Or do you dare have ANOTHER Kate in your life? And I want to go to the cake party. Yum!


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