10 July 2014

A finish for Thursday

I finished this cute little girl on Tuesday. I don't want to wait to blog it, as I'm hoping to get all my finishes done this quarter, so here she is:

I used some fussy cut scraps of "The Simple Life" and then I used some layer cake squares for the lining pieces. I'm loving how it turned out.

I also cut my binding strips at 2.5" this time, rather than 2.25. Made things a bit easier to work with.

Headed to a special friend's house soon! Checking it off the 3QFAL list!

Oh, and the winner of the Swoon Sewing patterns giveaway is (drumroll please!) . . . Renea, who said:

I really like the Dorothy Day Tripper bag and the Stella Weekender bag. But I also like the wallet pattern. LOL Can you tell I love all the Swoon Patterns? Thanks for the chance to win one of the patterns. (I sure hope Alicia will do the picking as I can't make up my mind on which pattern I really like because I like them all!)

Congratulations, but I think you're going to have pick your own! I'll be in touch so you can get your prize!

Oh, hey, I discovered this piggy bank challenge. You might want to give it a try too.

Val's Quilting Studio

Here's my piggy bank:

Just a mason jar with a slit cut out in the lid, but still. It's what I'm going to use. Just have to keep it hidden from the kids. They'll raid it! If I put it by the cleaning supplies, they'll never find it . . . And when the year is up, I'm going to buy fabric. Lots (or maybe not lots) of beautiful fabric! Or maybe go on a retreat again. Or both. We'll just have to see, won't we?


  1. LOL! Yep...they'll never look where the cleaning supplies are...good idea! So glad you joined the challenge Jennie. Your tote is adorable too!!

  2. Oh my.....that is really too cute. Love all the zippers as well.

  3. Adorable bag! I keep thinking I want to make one, and then I remember how I feel about zippers. And too funny - I hide everything with the cleaning supplies! ;)

  4. Your bag is so lovely. I have the pattern so I must get started on mine. Thanks for the inspiration and the tip for the binding strips.

  5. Your little bag looks great and is adorable! I have this pattern, but haven't had a chance to make it. Thanks for the binding tip.

  6. Your bag looks great, I love the fussy cut feature on the front. the itty bitty gingham binding looks sweet.

  7. Your bag is gorgeous. You made great use of the fabrics. Good luck with the saving.

  8. Gosh I think you can do both, fabric and trip. Lovely bag with that beautiful linning, so cheerful.

  9. Looks like you are into serious saving with PAPER money! Love your pretty bag.


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