29 July 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Christmas gift bags

If  you missed my Color Mondays post from Monday, go check it out! I'm going to host a linky party, all about color. Every Monday. This week's color is yellow - my favorite!

Okay, nothing particularly impressive. Just some drawstring bags. I've come to prefer these to wrapping paper. One, because I'm awful at wrapping. And two, no extra trash come Christmas morning!

These ones are made from Jeni Baker's drawstring bag pattern. I found the twill ribbon on etsy. Love the colors. I think I'll make some designated birthday ones too. They're just so handy!

But still, they were on my 3QFAL list, and now they're off it. So I'm happy.


  1. Those are very cute bags and you are doing well to start Christmas sewing so early!

  2. Darling! I have wanted to try her pattern.

  3. They are so cute. And this kind of blue and red shades are particularly lovely.


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