28 August 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Idea Pouch

This is my girl.

She's funny, and smart. She loves the outdoors. She loves animals. She wants to work with raptors someday. Owls are her current favorite, although she wouldn't turn down a falcon. We'd love to do falconry with her, but it's kind of hard to get started in that!

She also loves to read and draw, and is always carting around paper and pencils and whatnot. And usually a book or two.

So I figured I'd make her one of these idea pouches, and then a matching bag to go with it. The idea pouch was on my 3QFAL list. Glad to be able to check it off.

Fresh Poppy Design


  1. Jennie that is a very sweet idea for your little cutie-pie! I bet she loved that extra little added touch with the sparkly jewel.

  2. What a great finish, but your daughter steals the show. ;)

  3. Yes, the button is for a princess!

  4. So completely wonderful! Who wouldn't go far with one of these?

  5. The fabric you have used is gorgeous!

  6. Lovely idea, congrats on all your finishes :o)


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