22 August 2014

Friday Finish: Sew Together Bag for a special friend

A while back, I was having a rough day. Not a tornado-touched-down kind of day. Or really bad news. Just a downer. Messy house. Messier kids. Hot outside.

And then I got the mail. There was a package for me! There's hardly ever fun mail for me anymore.

Inside was this:

A pants bag! I have arrived! You know you are a special person when Jennifer, a.k.a. Glinda, makes you a pants bag for your unmentionables while you travel. And in my two favorite colors!

I have to confess, the conversation with my husband about "What exactly is a pants bag?" was quite hilarious. His mother is British, so I finally said, "It's a British thing." And that worked!

Well, I was already planning on making something special in return, so I got busy on it. And it was so much fun to individualize it with sparkly things.

I had to steal the pictures from her blog because, silly me, I forgot to photograph it before I packed it up!

It's a Sew Together Bag, lined with pink (of course) and then the cutest tea print inside the zippy pockets. And a silver wand on the outside, because Glinda is a good witch with a silver wand.

And checking this little pretty off my 3QFAL list


  1. I love this and the wand is PERFECT!

  2. I do love Sew Together Bags! This one is so very cute.

  3. So sweet - love how you did the wand!

  4. Would have loved to have been there watching you trying to explain ... 'won't put her drawers in other people's drawers' ... every girl should have a Pants Bag! Thanks again my friend - LOVE my. Sew together bag :)

  5. What a great post with cute projects! Love the pants bag and the pink bag! SEW perfect!

  6. I'm the proud owner of a pants bag too!
    The Sew Together bag you made Jen is gorgeous.

  7. That sparkly wand is just dreamy!


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