19 January 2015

Make-A-List Monday Meets Color Mondays

And they will never be parted. Not ever. Like Big Dan and Lil' Ann (book?).

I like both concepts, and so I'm going with it. Play along if you like. Make a list. Make a color palette. Link up and share and have fun.

Let's review last week, shall we?
  • Finish Kate's Weekender - hand stitching, blogging when she gets it
  • Finish Kate's Sew Together Bag - done, blogging tomorrow
  • Finish Secret Weekender Project - almost done
  • Finish Mom's Sew Together Bag - done, blogged here
  • Finish piecing Folklore Catching Rays - almost done
  • Quilt Glamping Hexies and Folklore Catching Rays - yes on Glamping Hexies, but did a different quilt in place of Folklore Catching Rays
  • Bind and Blog Glamping Hexies - done, blogged here
Okay. Yay me. That was a crazy week. Too much drama in my life the last two weeks, and it made me more grateful for the time I get to spend sewing and sharing projects with friends. 

And this week's list:
  • Finish Secret Weekender Project
  • Finish Folklore Catching Rays
  • Cut Pam Kitty Garden Flower and sew
  • Quilt Folklore Catching Rays and PK Garden Flower
  • Bind and blog Flower Sugar Economy Blocks quilt
  • Cut Idaho quilts #1 & #2
That's enough, right?

So far, the homeschooling method we started with is working great. I have a folding table set up in the living room, where I can better direct the "affairs of my kingdom." The kids are at the table, or working around the house, or reading on the couch. They love their Clever Dragons/Always Ice Cream memberships, and it's a motivation for them to do chores and finish lessons. Love it. While they do their thing, I'm cutting and organizing stuff so that when night comes, or early morning, I can accomplish lots.

And here's my palette for Color Mondays. Last week was such a stressful week that I daydreamed about escaping to one of my favorite places. 

This is the view from the cabins at Kalaloch, in the Olympic National forest in Washington state. There are these little cabins that face the sea. It's wild and beautiful and private and quiet. Oh how I needed that last week.

Now your turn! Link up your palette, or your list. Or both.


  1. I want to stay in one of those cabins. That is beautiful!

  2. I love the mash-up! It's perfect! I'm not one for lists (cause surviving the day is all I can hope for lately) ... but you know I'm all over the palette thingy! And maybe I'll even figure out how to link up. ;-)

  3. Oooooooo, think I'll have to put Kaloloch on my places to visit in the US list!

  4. Book: Where the Red Fern Grows. Which is why I have a fear of running with an ax. Shut up, it's a legit fear. Now get back to work on my Weekender, slave labor! No dreaming of nice retreats.


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball