20 January 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Kate's Sew Together Bag

I love this blogging community we've got, y'all. I love the inspiration that's out there. I love the chance to be accountable to our sewing world. But I love the friendships that can be made.

We luck out at times and really click with someone. And then, months and months later, we don't know what started it all, but who cares, right?

Now my friend Kate is some kind of awesome. She quilts, she runs half marathons and 10Ks (sometimes in the same weekend!), she's an Air Force wife who deals with last minute deployments, and she makes some seriously fabulous t-shirt quilts.

When I started thinking about designing patterns, she volunteered right away to test patterns for me. (I'm remembering this correctly, right Kate?). She dazzled me with stunning pressing directions on my Taffy quilt (seriously, they are the work of a master), and she gamely tested out patterns that were not her favorite.

Naturally, I needed to return the favor. And wouldn't you know, Kate didn't have her own Weekender. She doesn't do 3-D and zippers, and why should she? I'm here for that!

I'm not showing her Weekender until she shows it off on her blog, but I am going to show off her Sew Together Bag.

Since she is the name inspiration for the Miss Kate line, I used some Miss Kate squares for the outside patchwork. She'd sent along some Ruby and Bliss scraps and I used some of those on the inside. Add some colorful zippers and we've got ourselves a handy dandy Sew Together Bag.

Love these little bags. I've got some improvements I'd like to make, but all in all, they are pretty fabulous.

Oh, and checking this girl off the 1QFAL list.


  1. Awesome! What a great way to say thanks and express friendship.

  2. Better late than never, right? I guess I need to jump on the band wagon and make a few (dozen?) sew together bags. Yours are so adorable - I love them. I have a non sewing sister in law that would LOVE one (or a dozen) of these. I can almost see the smile on her face now. Wait... should I finish up my 17 (or 29) wips first? Nope - what's one more?

  3. This is so gorgeous!! I love how it came out!

  4. LOVE! But you know that. That I love you, I mean. And don't be silly - all of your patterns are my favorites. I really can't wait to store my binding clips and needles in this instead of the butter tubs.

  5. I love this bag and I love our friendship - quilty bloggers are THE BEST! Still in France and still in one piece ... yay!


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