16 February 2015

Make-A-List Color Monday: Warm-Weather Dreaming Edition

I'll 'splain the color palette in a minute. Promise.

I got sick last week. It was my fault. I got a little cocky. Counting my blessings that, because we homeschool, we don't get sick very often. Which is still true. But I got a lovely cough and fever and it was super fun. Remarkably, I did get some things finished anyway (thank you tax return!). Let's check the list:
  • Quilt Pam Kitty Garden Flower - done! Pattern release soon, but here's a teaser shot:
A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on
  • Quilt and blog Sunkissed Grannies - done, and blogged here
  • Finish Tulip Pillow for my MIL - almost done
  • Cut Flower Maxi, Cat quilt (for my aunt), and Fresh Air Maxi - done! 
I also finished my Fresh Air flimsy (pattern release soon!), so that one is in the queue to be quilted right away. 

As for this week, I'd like to accomplish the following:
  • Quilt Fresh Air
  • Quilt and blog Posy Kiss Me Quilt
  • Piece Flower Maxi flimsy
  • Piece Fresh Air Maxi flimsy
I'll stick with those four. Four is good.

Okay, today's palette "theme." I've been dreaming of jam ever since my last container of strawberry freezer jam disappeared. I don't know how that happened. Might be all the bread I was making this winter. 

But now I'm seriously craving strawberry jam. Methinks I'll need to make some cute strawberry crafts while I wait. Like this quilt, or these paper pieced jam jars.

And I'm totally going to make one blue strawberry. As a reference to one of my favorite musicals. Any guesses? 

What warm-weather thing are you dreaming of? It doesn't have to be jam. It can be garden beds, lakes - it's your dream! Share it!


  1. Oh, love that palette! And, I'm craving fresh fruit lately... so jam sounds delicious!

  2. No idea, but I am intrigued! I love musicals and cannot think of a blue strawberry reference anywhere! Maybe Freckleface Strawberry The Musical?!
    I'd love to know how you make those colour palette pictures too, as I'd love to join in.
    Your quilts are amazing - so gorgeous! Glad I found your blog through Fabric Tuesday @ Quilt Story.

  3. Ok I clicked the Colour Mondays page and found how to use the palette builder. How cool - I'd never seen that before!


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