02 February 2015

Make-A-List, Make-A-Palette Monday: Groundhog Day edition!

I got a little off track last week, but that's alright. Life happens, right?

But here was my list for last week:

  • Finish Pam Kitty Garden quilt - almost done!
  • Quilt Sunkissed Grannies - Adding it to this week's list
  • Bind and blog Apple of My Eye Hexies - done, blogging tomorrow
  • Blog Folklore Catching Rays quilt and pattern - done, blogged here 
So, for this week, I'm hoping to accomplish:
  • Finish Pam Kitty Garden quilt and quilt it!
  • Quilt and blog Sunkissed Grannies
  • Finish Valentine's pillow
  • Finish Catching Rays Maxi flimsy
  • Start Fresh Air quilt top
That's all. Plenty to distract me and keep me busy. New family schedule is working out great. I've got plenty to do at the table/in the living room while kids are doing lessons. I'm around to answer questions and discuss things like books and history and science. And make play-dough with Kool-aid! 

Okay, it's Groundhog Day here in the US, and I thought I'd do two palettes. One, a beautiful winter picture, that makes me grateful for gorgeous crystal clear blue skies and snowy forests. Another, for what I'm looking forward to most about springtime: tulips!

Happy Groundhog day! Now link up your palettes. Do spring! Do winter! Next week will be Valentine's day week (don't throw things - I LOVE Valentine's Day!).


  1. Ha! We channeled each other! Tulips look great :)

  2. Ha! I nearly picked that winter picture and didn't remember that you had until I came back here.


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