03 February 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Apple of My Eye Hexies Quilt

You know, I'm not sure how many times I can say this without disbelief settling in. Not my disbelief. Yours.

Because I love this quilt. It's my favorite.

Might be because I love apples. Or maybe daisies.

Might be those yellow and white flowers. No, it's definitely those flowers.

Backed in the apple print, because it's my favorite of the whole line. Seriously, The Quilted Fish designs a lot of my favorites. 

Quilted all over with loops (no way!), flowers (shocker), and apples. Yes indeedy. Apples! I kind of love them a lot.

This girl finishes at 90"x 92". 

And it's going on my bed. Don't tell me I have too many quilts on my bed. I rotate them. I used to move my bedroom furniture around when I was a kid. I can't do that anymore, so I'm stuck with rotating my quilts for a new look. As long as they all coordinate with my gorgeous dresser, all is well. I just need to make some matching pillowcases.

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  1. Your quilt is gorgeous. I can understand why it is is your favourite. Love it!

  2. I can see why it is one of your favorites (very favorite, really?) lol. Those apples you quilted are just too cute. Congrats on another fun finish.

  3. Love it! Hexagons are really drawing me in lately, and I love the placement of the daisys and the cheerful color scheme.

  4. It is gorgeous! And so cheerful! Looks like spring is already here (I wish)!

  5. Wow! Beautiful! Love how those daisy's stand out!

  6. That turned out beautiful!!!

  7. Happy, happy quilt! And your apple quilting is adorable.

  8. Wow! really nice. Nice fabrics, nice quilting and lots of work. Love it.

  9. Beautiful! The colours remind me a lot of Glamping. I used to rearrange my bedroom all the time as a kid too. Now my 11 yo daughter wants to do it. We lumbered her with the heaviest bed in the house so it's not going to happen!


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