23 March 2015

Make-A-List Color Monday: Spring!

Last week was a mess. A mess, I tell you.

Didn't get anything done that I wanted. Got to spend the week putting out fires and dealing with crazy stuff. Oh, and take two quilting related classes, so it wasn't all a wash! 

My Serger has gone on strike. We're going to have words soon.

No recap of last week's list because I didn't get anything done. Just a repeat this week:
  • Finish my aunt's kitty flimsy
  • Finish my daughter's dresses
  • Prep projects for the weekend road trip
That last one is there because I'm headed to my parents' house for the weekend so I can see my sweetheart. But sitting around my parents' house without a sewing machine doesn't appeal. So I'm taking HSTs to trim and an embroidery project. I've got some swap items to work on, so when we're just sitting around visiting I can get some things done.

But let's see some color! I chose "spring" since here in the Northern Hemisphere it's finally officially spring. And I love spring. 

I love blossoming trees so much. And this palette is a new favorite.

What's your favorite image of spring?


  1. Looks like we've all had the same idea! I would have gone with daffodils, of course, but I've done them a few times already.
    Hope this week works out a bit better on the sewing front, and that the move organising is going well.

  2. Here's hoping for a much, much more productive week for you! Your spring palette is lovely!


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball