29 June 2015

Monday Finish: MID Mini Pillow

Do you ever have that project, big or small, that just needs one more thing to finish it? But you don't finish it for, like, ever?

That would be this little pillow. Silly me! It just needed the binding!

I made it to test out my Make It Do Mini pattern. I was gifted a Color Theory mini charm pack, which was perfect for this little project.

I finally got the binding on this weekend and she's happily joined the billion other pillows on my daughter's bed.

Checking her off the 2QFAL list.


  1. Yes, I know that 'one more thing' projects. Somehow they keep hiding on me and when they pop up again - well they get 'tucked' away again. Love your pillow with the churn dash and shoofly blocks. The fabric squares are beautifully put together and the navy binding really adds to it all. Glad you finished it!!

  2. that is really lovely! Great design

  3. You've found your sew-jo this week! Way to rock all the finishes! I adore this little pillow. So sweet.

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