24 July 2015

Friday Finish: HocusPocusVille #7

I'm honestly trying to lay low, but five kids make that next to impossible. Still, I have lots of wonderful helpers who are bringing meals and taking kids to play for the afternoon so I get a smidgen of a break most days.

So while I'm healing, I'm stitching. And I finished up the  "Hermione's Split End" panel of my HocusPocusVille quilt. I'm now working on the quilt shop (Witches Stitches) and it's going well.
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Back to stitching and healing. At least the husband will be home this weekend so I can really rest. I hope!

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  1. Your embroidery is excellent and of course I love Halloween!!! The holidays are getting closer and while I don't want to wish the time away, it's nice to look forward to them. I hope you get lots of healing and resting in along with your stitching!


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