13 July 2015

Make-A-List Color Monday: Non-Awkward Family Pictures!

Can you believe that July is almost half over? Craziness, I tell you.

I made a monster of a list last week for the 3QFAL, so I'll keep things toned down this week. And I'd really like to get a couple of these things off my list.

  • Finish the Giveaway Weekender - I've ALWAYS hit a snag doing the top-stitching and regular stitching on these patchwork weekenders. Skipped stitches are not my friend. I finally discovered that using a hammer on all those layers of fabric can help. Here's hoping this works!
  • Finish cousin's Weekender - same thing!
  • Bind Wee Wander Pillow Shams
  • Bind Solstice Table Runner
I've had a busy weekend with lots of visiting. It's been fun, but an introvert like me needs some recoup time. I'm totally hiding away for a while!

We tried to do a picture of all the kids this weekend, and we chose a sea glass palette. I thought it might be fun to play with today:

What about you? What color palette would you choose for a family picture?


  1. Gorgeous - love the sea glass palette! Hmmm, what would I choose?!

  2. Love this colour palette !


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