08 January 2016

Friday Finish: Temple Bag

A temple bag? What's a temple bag?

Okay, here's a story . . .

I'm LDS. A Mormon. And we have temples. Lots of them.

This is my husband and I, the day we were sealed in the Portland Oregon temple.

This is the Portland temple.

And probably the most famous temple, the one in Salt Lake City.

And my very favorite temple, the San Diego temple. It has the most amazing spiral staircase inside!

Temples aren't just extra special pretty churches for us though. We do important work there. Temples are all about families, and we wear special clothing in the temple. Symbolic, ceremonial clothing.

Which is why I need a temple bag! My old one, I'm ashamed to say, was an old diaper bag. Not nearly big enough for what I need, and it was about time. I mean, I make bags all the time!

So here she is, my beautiful new temple bag! (Please excuse the less than wonderful pictures - I'm stuck using my phone right now!)

I kind of love it a lot. Who's surprised?

Checking this one off the 1QFAL list - first one done of the quarter!

Edited to add: the pattern is Amy Butler's Sophia Carry-All, but I took it to the FedEx store and enlarged it to 129%. It's a pretty tough pattern to find, but best of luck!


  1. I'm Catholic, so I don't know just what you carry to temple with you, but I can tell you that you'll do it in style! This is a lovely bag...very pretty while the gray and birds give it a sense of quiet and serenity sort of like the inside of a church. And, while I may not know what you'll have in there, I can see that you'll be able to retrieve it easily. I really like this bag!

  2. This is really a lovely bag. I have never heard of a temple bag before - very interesting. I love your fabric choices for this and I am sure you will enjoy carrying it. :)

  3. I use an old-style fabric suitcase.Yuck! I could really use this one. Where did you get the pattern?

  4. You are too young to understand this, but I use a fabric suitcase like the ones Avon ladies used to bring around their samples door to door. I could really use your bag to attend the temple. Where do I get your pattern?

  5. Ah I know that San Diego temple! My sister went to UCSD and driving down to visit her, that temple was a landmark that helped us know we were almost there :) The bag came out beautifully and I love the shape,not quite round and not quite square :)

  6. That is one great bag! I feel like I need to be better about beautifying my carry-alls. (Which are currently plastic bags for a lot of things.)

  7. It's a lovely bag! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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