11 March 2016

Friday Finish: Flowering Snowball Quilt

I bought binding fabric for this quilt. I swear I did. But in the black hole that sometimes is my sewing room, it has been sucked into another dimension. (Okay, sci fi is not my specialty, so if that sounded dumb, I apologize.)

And since I'm not really skilled at diving into that black hole, I ordered some more. Fortunately for me, I found a yard of what I needed for just $2.99. Seriously. For some Moda, out-of-print fabric. Jumped on that deal!

This gorgeous girl is now bound and happily stored away. I've got plans for her, so she needs to stay safe until then.

I loved the flowering snowball block from the get-go, and I ordered a set of plastic templates to make the cutting process that much easier.

A whole lot of curves later, I've got this big, probably queen-sized quilt.

I backed it in the pink and orange hydrangea print. I had blue hydrangeas in my bouquet when I got married, so I thought it made sense. Maybe only to me . . .

Checking this one off the 1QFAL list. Hope you have a happy weekend!


  1. What a lovely quilt! I enjoy reading about your quilting, and you seem to have a kind heart.
    Did you know that there are people with spastic muscles (e.g., cerebral palsy)? Perhaps "spastic" isn't the best way to describe something negative.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Well done - it looks fantastic and well worth the effort.

  3. I love this quilt! I can't wait to make one :)

  4. The fabric for the binding is probably with all the missing socks! I have a stack of various white fabrics under my sewing table that I am afraid to use. Are they part of another project or left over pieces? It drives me nuts. $2.99 is quite the deal :)

  5. Simply gorgeous! But does not make me fear curves any less, seeing your perfect ones. And yeah- I lost a newly finished top last week. Honestly, it had to be at the top of one of the piles, right? Surely? It was JUST FINISHED.

  6. This is beautiful! I wish I could do curves ... fabby, well done :)

  7. What a gorgeous finish!! Look at all the pretty, pretty curves! You are amazing!

    And I'm totally jealous of that fabric deal!

  8. Well done! Perfect backing too

  9. WOW, this is fantastic!! I am in the process of starting a flowering snowball quilt - it was a request from my sister-in-law-to-be (my brother's getting married this spring). Yours is amazing. I need to get plastic templates too, I had just made my own but with all the cutting, it would be really nice to have them!! Thank you for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of the 2016 hosts!

  10. I love this in Honey Honey!! Great job, it looks amazing!


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