14 June 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Silk Tie Cushions

Just in time for Father's Day!

A while back (we won't talk how long!) my aunt sent me a box full of ties that my Uncle had worn during his career. He has since retired and doesn't need them anymore. We searched for quilt ideas, but the ties were so different in colors and patterns that none of them would really work.

Then we hit on the idea for some cushions. I was able to pair up some coordinating ties, stitch them together with some fusible fleece and minky backs and fashion some fun cushions for him. Since Father's Day is the tie holiday (right?!), I got them done in time for his gift this year.

Checking this one off the 2QFAL list.


  1. Great idea for a (relatively) easy tie project. You did a great job of matching colors.

  2. And just realized that you're from Mackinac Island. We were just there for a day while at the Great Lakes. Beautiful! Wish we could have stayed much longer!

  3. How inventive! Just wait till my huband retires! Thank you for joining us in 2016 FAL from your team of hosts!


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