09 March 2018

Autumn Shortcake progress

After the HST fiasco last month, I really just needed some simple, pretty patchwork. No triangles. No curves. Nothing complicated.

My go-to pattern is Cluck Cluck Sew's Shortcake pattern. I've made one before and loved it. I had these Autumn Road jelly rolls and figured, why not?

I'm making one big one for my bed and one twin size for a throw (because we don't do small throws in this house). My 14-year-old has already claimed it. She loves fall as much as I do.

I'm still working on spring and bright colors, but this patchwork is so soothing and perfect.

What's your favorite simple yet stunning patchwork pattern? Maybe I'll do a blog post on a collection of non-triangle patchwork quilts. Good idea?

Have a lovely, warm weekend. I'm building garden beds tomorrow, then planting a whole lot of strawberry plants.

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