21 July 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Orange

First, don't miss out on the pattern giveaway from During Quiet Time. You have until Wednesday night to enter. Easy - just leave a comment!

Are you having fun with color? I know I am! And, thanks to my friend Katie, I learned you can add more colors. I was working with six. Who knew you could increase it to TEN! I'm so excited! Just click on the little plus sign when you're building your palette.

My favorites from last week (yes, the two link-ups, but they are so fabulous!):

My Washington friend Katie chose cherries, and I love the range of reds in there!

Andy my Australian friend Kirsten chose poppies, and I'm loving those greens in there too!

Now this week is going to be a challenge for some of my friends.


Don't hate it. It's not the new pink, and it's not everyone's favorite, I admit, but there are so many pretty things that are orange. Like cake.

Okay, that's tasty.

But what about sunsets? Roses? Gerber daisies? Sunrises? Leaves in the fall? Tigers?

Ya with me?

Okay, let's play.

I did only one this week. Just to be fair.

I love citrus fruits. I did make a quilt with citrus in mind. Here's a picture, in case you've never seen it:

Alright! Time to share. The drill: find a picture of something orange, or with orange in the picture. Upload it to the Palette Builder tool. Play around. Save it, blog it, and share it. That's it! You have all the way until Sunday night, so blog it whenever.

As suggested by Katie, I'll also let you in on next week's color: yellow. See a pattern here? I've skipped indigo, but we're cruising through the rainbow for the next few weeks. So you can plan a little better. Each link party is open for 6 days, so you can blog it on Wednesday or Friday or whenever. It's all good.


  1. I love the cherries palette! Beautiful! And I love your orange one for this week, too. I do not have much orange in my stash, and have definitely been thinking of how that needs to change! Thanks for the motivation. :)

  2. Yummy! I am painting my porch swing yellow today!!!

  3. Ah! Tigers!? How could I have forgotten about tigers?? Okay, I need to be a lot more creative next week. And maybe stop thinking about fruit. But mmmm, I love fruit.


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