25 August 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Favorite!

Seriously? Y'all outdid yourselves on purples. These were just stunning:

Stacey, I want this picture on my wall. With a matching quilt. I love the inclusion of the raisin, and garnet, and coffee. It's perfect. And that touch of green.

And then there's Kate. Who likes to torment me with statements like: I know Jennie's a big fan of Frozen, so I counter with the much better recent princess movie. Still, as misguided as she might be, this is one pretty palette:

And for the record, I do like Tangled. Elsa just has a better dress.

Ready to have some fun? All you have to do this week is pick a favorite picture and make a favorite palette. Yep. Just make a favorite palette.

It took some time (like all of five seconds), but this is my favorite of the moment. And I'm not sure why, because these are colors I wouldn't be drawn to in a quilt store. I'm drawn to them in nature though. It's high time I started using them:

I'm thinking I'd make a big triangle quilt with these solids. Or something else fun. Any brilliant ideas?

Now, your turn! Oh, and next week, we'll do an official Disney theme! I solemnly swear I will not do a Frozen picture. Cross my heart.

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