08 October 2013

4Q FAL: Okay, seriously now

Summer was a mess.

Not me personally. But getting things done just didn't happen. Well, I accomplished a lot (painted this gorgeous dresser, made these flimsies, and this one, this one and this one), but things didn't get finished, know what I mean?

My pile did not get smaller.

It got bigger.

Oh, I have any number of excuses/reasons for why nothing got finished. But no more. I've got to have some finished quilts by Christmas, if only to justify keeping the thermostat set lower than my husband and kids want it.

And so, the monster list. Because who knows, right? I think I'm going to regularly schedule Friday nights with my sister-in-law (and her long-arm). Maybe I'll get a whole bunch done that way, no?

And yes, I know I should have ironed these flimsies. But honestly, no. Not happening. 

1. Glamping Trips - PROGRESS! need to add one more border or two (since I've got the fabric and all) - then quilt and bind

2. Glamping small hexies - PROGRESS! get a backing for it (minky?), then quilt and bind

3. Spiderweb quilt - PROGRESS! finally pieced this top together in September - I've got the purple minky back already, so it's a quilt and bind and done!

4. Sew Cherry Grannies quilt - quilt and bind this baby, since it coordinates beautifully with my new dresser!

5. PKM Pinwheels - quilt and bind

6. London Scrappy Trips - quilt and bind so my husband doesn't freeze while studying this winter!

7. PKM Scrappy Trips - quilt and bind so I don't freeze!

8. Hello Sunshine Jacob's Ladder - quilt and bind for my baby girl's second birthday!

9. Gypsy Girl Patchwork - quilt and bind for my oldest girl's 10th birthday!

10. Gypsy Girl Weekender bag - for the love, just finish so I have an excuse to use it on a vacation!

11. Cowgirl SW Taffy - quilt and bind

12. Flirt 9-patch - quilt and bind

13. Flirt Briar Rose - quilt and bind

14. Lucy's Triangles - quilt and bind

15. Ready Set Snow Matchbox - quilt and bind

16. Easy as Cake Christmas - pick out stitching (time to pull out Downton Abbey episodes), then quilt and bind

17. Posy Kiss Me - quilt and bind

18. Happy Go Lucky Briar Rose - PROGRESS! borders are one, so it's just quilt and bind

19. Happy Go Lucky Nines and Snowballs - PROGRESS! borders are done, so quilt and bind

20. Christmas stockings - finish cutting and piecing these babies before Thanksgiving!

21. Crossroads Pink/Green/Brown - quilt and bind

22. Haven @ do.Good Stiches quilt - NEW! - quilt and bind

23. Delft Blue Dutch Pinwheels - quilt and bind

24. Simple Life Dottie #1 - PROGRESS! put on borders, then quilt and bind
25. Simple Life Dottie #2 - PROGRESS! borders, then quilt and bind

26. Sunkissed Grannies - baste, hand quilt, and bind

27. Red String quilt - get more paper, piece

28. Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope - PROGRESS! - quilt and bind

29. Mama Said Sew D4 - quilt and bind

30. Posy Jewel Box - PROGRESS! - quilt and bind

31. Happy Go Lucky On A Whim - NEW! - quilt and bind

32. Apple of My Eye Hexies - NEW! - quilt and bind

33. Citrus Starbursts - NEW! - quilt and bind

34. Glamping Giant Hexies - NEW! - piece, quilt and bind

35. Too Cute to Spook Giant Hexies - NEW! - piece, quilt and bind

36. I Love Lucy Churn Dash quilt - NEW! - piece, quilt and bind

37. Alpine Wonderland On A Whim - NEW! - piece, quilt and bind

48. Recover this chair - it does involve sewing (and cursing, I'm sure), so on the list it goes

Now, before you start to think I'm sort of crazy, let me assure you: I'm certifiable. 4Q is crazy busy for me, without this list. I've got four birthdays (one in October, three in the first week of November), Halloween (really hoping we can just buy the costumes this year!), hosting my parents for Thanksgiving this year, Christmas, finals weeks (yep, 2 weeks!) for the law student, and, well, life. It's going to be crazy fun, exhausting and awesome. Can't wait!

If you've made it this far, you've earned something fun. So leave a comment, and you could win this:

Your very own. One entry per person. Winner chosen on October 14th, at 8ish MST. Good luck with your lists, and good luck with the giveaway!

ETA: Please, please, please - make sure you are not a "no-reply blogger" - I've received several comments from people who are and it's so sad because if I can't contact you, I will draw another number for the prize!

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  1. Oh. My. Heart. I thought my list was long! Your projects are all so lovely : ) Enjoy your projects while life whips by at an amazing pace. Love all your hexie projects !

  2. Impressive! I rather not pull out all my finished tops, but I definetely need to put my quilt budget towards batting and not more fabric.

  3. wow that is a lot of tops. good luck sorting through it!

  4. Okay I'll agree with you, you are crazy, lol. Beautiful show. I loved seeing all of these quilts. We only have one birthday and it is actually October 14th the day of the drawing so perhaps my little lass will be my good luck charm. Keep up the good work :)

  5. I would love to win that pack. I am amazed at your list. I love all of the colors of your quits. With each picture I was in awe at the. You make great quilts. Hang in there!!

  6. All of your quilts are beautiful. Good luck making progress on them all!

  7. I felt like I was looking at my own list of needing to quilt and bind! :) Your quilts are lovely! Thanks for the inspiration, and good luck on accomplishing the list.

  8. You make me feel better! I thought I had a long list, but boy, I have a long way to go before i reach your height! Each of your flimsies is more wonderful than the one before!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  9. Well, I was going to leave a comment anyway, but a prize is so much more fun!

    Holy. Moly. You have been busy and I can't wait to see how things turn out. There's nothing better than seeing your projects come together in an actual finished state. Good luck!!

  10. That's a big list, good luck! Looking forward to seeing some of those beautiful quilts finished.

  11. I'm in awe! I thought I had a bunch of projects going; now I don't feel so bad. You have so many beautiful projects going, I can see how it would have been hard to resist starting them. Good luck!

  12. Wow! You have quite the pile of gorgeous tops!!! Can't wait to see some finishes :-D I would love to try out some hexies...I've never used them


  13. OH my goodness! May I come and live in your sewing room! Seriously, I love the choices in fabrics and the designs you have chosen for your quilts. I particularly LOVE the scrappy trips with the white solid running through them. I have been working on one in shabby chic fabrics--but want to do one in brighter colors. However, I have trouble with the random scrappy thing-but your white really seems perfect! I can't wait to try. Good luck with all of those finishes-if you decide you need to just pass some of those tops on--let me know! ;)

  14. Holy cow. Not only does your list rival mine in length, but you have some of my very favorite fabrics in there! Obviously we should be friends. ;)

  15. Do you plan on sleeping and eating? LOL good luck on finishing up.

  16. Really love that fabric line. Keep doing your good job.

  17. I would be overwhelmed with that long list. I thought even my 21 UFO's was too much...but this makes me feel better. I could use the hexies in a current WIP so I hope I win.

  18. Oh boy that list is crazy long. I can't wit to see what you finish!

  19. All your quilt tops are beautiful. Do you quilt them yourself or send them out? You will be busy but you will have a nice stack of new quilts.

  20. Your quilt tops are fabulous - thankfully, it makes my list look very short.
    Would love to win the hexies!

  21. How do you sleep at night? Good luck with your list....it is mighty impressive!

  22. Oh My Goodness! You do have a lot to finish! I totally get why you did not want to iron all those! You have been busy creating some wonderful flimsies. They will be amazing when they are all completed, and imagine how great you will feel. Thanks for the chance to win, I love Happy-go- lucky. Hey, that is how you will feel when all those are finished...lol!

  23. Wow. I think I'm speechless - going to stalk your blog your projects sure are beautiful.

  24. Ok you're list is massive but what incredibly gorgeous projects!! I want to see how you finish them so i am now a follower! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog :-)

  25. I know I'm too late to win (very behind on blog reading!), but just wanted to pop in and say oh my heart! I love nearly every single one of your flimsies. They are so gorgeous. Love your colours. And we work the same way...start and finish all the pretty flimsies before considering quilting let alone finishing some.


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