04 April 2015

2QFAL: April - May - June Plans

I was feeling a little discouraged last week. Not very motivated. I sat down to write this post and made a discovery.

I finished 18 WIPs last quarter. Granted, some were small, but still!

Motivation has returned, and I'm ready to tackle a new, long list.

The focus this quarter is going to change. Not as many quilt finishes, but a whole lot of other stuff.

Let's get to the list:

Quilt finishes:

Kitty quilt for my aunt

MID Mini - quilt it

Flower Mini - finish piecing and quilt it

Taffy Mini - finish piecing and quilt it

Simple Life Dottie #1

Simple Life Dottie #2

Non-quilting finishes:

Eloise Wallet

Temple Bag

Super tote #1 (for me!)

Super Tote #2 (for my daughter)

80s Sew Together Bag

Navy Open Wide Pouch

Cotton and Steel Sew Together Bag

Elephant Ticker Tape Wall Hanging


Zebra pillow cover

Giraffe Open Wide Pouch

Paris Bag

Red Flower Pillow

Flower Sugar Pillow Shams and Cases

Sew Cherry Pillow Shams and Cases

Wonder Woman Purse

MID Cherry Pillow

Polka Dot Churn Dash Pillows

X Plus Pillows


  1. You're amazing, Jennie! So creative, so versatile, so busy! Glad your motivation has returned :)

  2. Love the wonder woman purse idea and look forward to seeing it - you are going to make it first aren't you? And you will be wonderwoman tackling this long list!


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball