06 April 2015

Make-A-List Color Mondays: Episode Spring Break

An amazing, successful weekend of cutting! I've got lots of projects ready, and the sew-jo has returned.

The list for this week:
  • That kitty flimsy (just need to show it to you!)
  • An open wide pouch for an IG swap
  • Anything else that strikes my fancy - bags, borders, you name it!
Now, I know spring break is over for most of you, but just for fun, let's see where you'd LOVE to be for spring break next year. 

Me? I love the Oregon Coast. Even if it's cold and rainy. I grew up on this beach:

Our family's favorite spring break was down in Goblin Valley (FYI, Kate, they have a half in October). This place is the coolest, and so much fun for kids. We stayed in a yurt and it was fabulous.

But if I could get on a plane, I'd probably go here:

Or here:

Or take my sewing machine and go here:

I love all the greens!

What about you? Where would you go?


  1. Oh, I can't even remember what you were saying before the pretty, pretty palettes... because now all I can think about is a warm escape somewhere tropical! We have a really late spring break... but my husband has travel every year, so I tend to stay close to home. But... I can still daydream... right?!

  2. I love all the gorgeous purples and blues! But green is still my restful, peaceful place colour. Hope hubby's job is all working out as he hoped and the moving planning is going smoothly.

  3. Goblin Valley is so much fun to roam around in. Looks like we like the same places!


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