17 April 2015

Friday Finish: A flimsy!

I'm telling you, my sew-jo took a long trip around the world or something. It's been MIA for a while.

The swaps, and this quilt, are saving me. Deadlines are good things right now.

I used this pattern, although I drew up my own cutting diagram for it. And I used half yard cuts instead of fat quarters. I didn't want to do a wider border, so I made more cats and tails.

Do you ever do this? I took this picture after I'd finished the flimsy the first time.

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See those white cats who went sideways down at the bottom? I asked my husband if it was a big deal. He said no, but I couldn't stand it. I HAD to fix it! Out came the seam ripper, and we had pancakes for dinner so I could make it perfect. All is well with the world.

Quilting this girl next week, and delivering her to my aunt as a gift for her bestie. Wait til you see the label! I'm so excited about it!


  1. Sometimes it is better to fix things if it drives you crazy. However, it took me a while to see what you meant.

  2. I’m a perfectionist… so I would have had to fix it too. What a pretty top!!

    (I noticed you were quiet here… hope all is ok, and that the radio silence is due to mising sew-jo!)


  3. I'm a perfectionist, so I would have had to fix it too! What a pretty top!!

    (I had noticed you were quiet over here... glad to see you back! And sorry about the missing sew-jo!)

  4. Had to look close to see it and wouldn't have if you hadn't said anything. (I would have fixed it too, though.just because that's how I am.) But honestly, those cats were just being contrary because, you know, they're cats!

  5. Very very cool! I love the fact that the cats are there no matter which way you look at it. Cool colours too.

  6. Eeek! This is so fantastic!!! Well done!

  7. Well, mine is obvious better, but I kind of love this in the blue and white palette! And I'm with you - I'd have to fix it. Perfect is the only way I roll. ;)

  8. That's really pretty and fun!

  9. I think that's a great combination of blocks. One I know as monkey wrench or snail's trail I think. At first glance I thought there was also a bow tie combination. But the cats suddenly appeared! Might need to use this for my sister-in-law who loves cats. Thanks for such a great top! Looking forward to seeing the quilting too.


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