03 June 2016

Chain of Fours - a new pattern!

Introducing the last of my latest patterns, and quite possibly my very most favorite of them all. This one has been on my computer for a year now, and I've been tweaking it and playing with design and size and color.

Meet Chain of Fours:

I debated on whether or not to make it completely scrappy and opted for this version. But it would be fun totally scrappy. I'm thinking Summerfest is perfect for this one! What's great about this pattern is that it's another great scrap buster, or you can pick your favorite Layer Cake or 12 Fat Quarters to whip up one. Think - just ONE Layer cake. I love it!

This was my original plan, but I didn't have it finished by Valentine's Day. I'll be making this one with First Crush and I can't wait!

My talented pattern testing pal Katie of Katie Mae Quilts went above and beyond testing this quilt. She decided it would look awesome as a QOV quilt, and she was right.

She also created the perfect pressing instructions for this one. She's a wee bit obsessed with nested seams, and doesn't believe in pressing things open if she can help it. She is the brains behind all my nested seams. It's a few extra steps, but so worth it!

I really have to explain the name of this quilt to y'all. Mostly because it feels good to share crazy quirks about ourselves, right?

When I longarm at the quilt store, I try to wear headphones. It helps me focus, and it makes it so people don't interrupt me while I'm quilting. Because people wandering through the shop do this ALL the time. Headphones help a lot!

And my favorite Pandora station is the Aretha Franklin station. Honestly, if I only had a longarm at home, I'd be dancing while I quilt. I'm an aspiring soul sister my friends. My dream has been to sing in a proper gospel choir. 

So when it came time to name this quilt, I batted around a few boring ideas. Then Aretha's song "Chain of Fools" popped into my head. And the rest is history.

This one was on my 2QFAL list as "Four Patch Star" but I'm  happier with it's new name. Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop. Thank you all for your support and your kind comments. It's a fun process, but it's even better when others like what you've created.


  1. Oh I love the scrappy look with this pattern. So pretty.

  2. I will get this one but I really wish you would make your Little Ruby into a pattern. I know it's not your pattern exactly, but couldn't you share the info. Your quilt is not like the original. Yours has more white and I like it so much better. If you can't legally share your pattern could you do a tutorial on yours sharing how you spread the blocks out? Please! Thank you!

  3. Sometimes my dancing really interrupts my sewing time - its a good thing no one is here to see me! LOL Congrats on your new pattern, it's lovely!

  4. It's gorgeous! Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!


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