14 July 2016

Needle and Thread Thursday: Prairie Scratch

Funny story: my kids went looking for something in our van last Sunday. Turned on all the lights. Left them on all night. Flash forward to Monday morning when I head out to the van to start my Monday errands (we're ALWAYS out of milk on Monday) and I've got no battery. Plugged in the charger and waited. And waited. And waited.

And while I waited, I finished flimsies, because when you're waiting for a battery to charge, you might as well do something fun and productive. I finished my Happy Harvest Open Season flimsy first (Tuesday's post). I had the on-point four patch strips and the stacked coin strips finished for this one. It was just a matter of trimming and putting the final quilt together.

I think I love this pattern a lot. And I didn't use white! And I didn't make it bigger! Seriously, using that dark grey for the background is just perfect.

Tossing this one on the flimsy pile and moving on. But it's good to have one less WIP in pieces.


  1. I love the dark background fabric too with all those bright print fabrics. Beautiful!

  2. I love the dark gray background--it really highlights the bright colors.

  3. What a great looking quilt! I need to play with this pattern!

  4. It turned out just great! I have done this for runners before, great scrap buster;-)

  5. cool! .. love the giant clothes pins too!


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