02 July 2018

Make-A-Big-List Monday: 3QFAL!

21 Club

Autumn Shortcake, the big version

Backyard Bugs

Wonder Woman purse

Egg apron #1

Egg apron #2

Cake Mix QOV

Christmas Taffy

Feed Co. Weekender - need photo

I Love Lucy Churn Dash

Marmalade Lucky

Pam Kitty Garden Scratch

Train Case

Prairie Scratch

Skagit Tulip Field

Another Dress for my youngest

Fresh Air Maxi - need photo

Happy Go Lucky On a Whim

Halloween Hexies

Autumn Shortcake #2

Happy Go Lucky Basketweave


  1. Oh wow. Love them all. Are you planning to finish all of these in this quarter?


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball