25 June 2018

Make-A-List Monday: Summer Sewing!

I've got a busy week (when is it not a busy week?), but I'm determined to get some regular sewing time. Last week was a bit too much as far as peopling, so I'm dialing it back this week. Going to hunker down, watch movies, and sew my little heart out.

Projects I'm working on:
  • Red gingham dress for my youngest - seriously, I want one just like it!
  • PK Garden Scratch
  • Quilting Day on Friday - I'll be quilting my 21 Club quilt and my Autumn Shortcake quilt

I'm also working on a few patterns, the giant strawberry especially. I'm thinking I need to title it "Jennie and the Giant Strawberry" or is that a bit too much? If you only knew how much I loved strawberries . . . 

Have a lovely week!


  1. Your Autumn Shortcake quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Love those autumn fabrics in there. Beautiful pieces of fabric in your Strawberry quilt too :)!

  2. Beautiful quilts, I love fall ones especially. Hope you have a very quilty week;)


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