14 December 2011

Christmas this year will be sponsored by Dr. Pepper. I think it will be the only way I get it all done.

I did finish quilting and binding two HST Christmas quilts - one barn raising and one diagonal stripe. They are now residing on my couches and make my brown living room (hey, I have five children - brown is a survival technique, not a stylistic decision) look a whole lot more festive.

I've got little gifts for a niece and two nephews to sew. I've got a whole boat load of gifts to sew for my little family. I got some cutting done today, but that's about it. Fortunately, my brilliant law student husband takes his last final tomorrow morning and then he's mine. He's got a whole bunch of e-books lined up so he can read, hold a baby and keep the others out of my hair while I make Christmas.

What's on your list? Or are you the type to get started in July, like any smart person would? I think next year I'm just going to make them all quilts. Then I'll have to start WAY ahead of time!

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