31 December 2011

Fat Quarter Bundle

As my New Year's Eve will likely consist of getting kids to bed and maybe watching Downton Abbey reruns, I thought I'd do something fun this morning. Quokka Quilts is hosting a build-your-own-bundle party, also known as the Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle from Fat Quarter Shop.

Every time I see a new one I think, "I want to do that!" I agonized, AGONIZED I tell you, over these fabric choices. First, I was going to do something bright (pinks, oranges, lime greens). Meh. Didn't work out. As I am taking down my Christmas decorations, I'm thinking of Valentine's Day decorations. I *heart* Valentine's Day.

I've been eying the L'Amour de la Vie material for quite a while. It combines two of my favorite things: Paris and the color red. Throw in an adorable bicycle with a flower basket and I'm sold. So I built my bundle around those two. I've got just the project for it too. I'll have to add to it (more Paparazzi for sure, as well as Tuxedo prints), but this is a great start.

I was democratic in my solids choice - one Bella, one Kona and one Micheal Miller Cotton Couture (loving those!).

Here's the list:
  1. Tuxedo Collection Black Falling Flowers

  2. Ruby Cotton Ruby Sundae

  3. Ruby Cotton Grey Sublime

  4. Paparazzi Black Tiny Daisies

  5. Lost and Found Black Labels

  6. Paparazzi Black on Red Dots
  7. L'Amour de la Vie Pink Velo Fleurs Tossed Bicylces

  8. L'Amour de la Vie Red La Tour Small Eiffel

  9. Kona Cotton Rich Red

  10. Fleur Noir White and Black Foulard

  11. Michael Miller Fog Cotton Couture

  12. Bella Solids Black

  13. Annie's Farm Stand Black on Black Ring Dings

  14. Always & Forever Romantic Red Love Script

  15. Amelia Cotton Bold Black Basket Weave

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