21 February 2012

Fabric Tuesday: the one with the sick baby

I was an awesome busy girl this weekend.

No, really. And at the sewing machine, no less.

That long WIP list made me feel more than just a smidge guilty. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I pulled down this quilt that was already cut and ready to be stitched together.

I finished binding it yesterday morning. It felt AWESOME! Who knew it felt so good to start and finish a project in one weekend? I might have to try this again.

But now I'm on to wiping a few more things off that WIP list.

My Sunkissed granny squares top is done, the backing is ready and . . . I'm out of batting the right size. So I'm waiting for next month and hopefully a batting sale at JoAnn's.

I sashed and bordered my strawberry pinwheel quilt. Have to piece the back for that and it's ready for quilting as well. And . . . no batting. Sigh.

The good news is that I'm working on this one:

My Happy Campers postage stamp quilt. Just doing diagonal lines on it and I'm halfway done - would be finishing that up today but . . .

Yep, the sick baby mentioned in the title. She was running a fever during the night, which meant we were both up a lot. Now she's super clingy and she just wants to be snuggled. Since I don't have a grandparent or great aunt here to help out with the snuggling, I'll get to do it.

And the big kids get a bit of a break from homeschooling lessons.

But things are getting done. I just need to tell my family I want batting for my birthday. Boy, will they laugh at that!

More on the WIP list tomorrow - we'll see what I get done today. I might have to go back to piecing tops in anticipation of the batting coming my way!

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  1. wow, congrats on finishing a quilt in one weekend! And such a nice quilt, too :) sounds like you are attacking your WIP list with gusto :) hope your little girl is feeling better soon, so you can both get some sleep.

  2. Finishing a quilt always feel good! I love your postage stamp quilt! Can't wait to see it finished.


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