22 February 2012

WIP Wednesday: the one with the cheerleader and where I lost some {WIP} weight

When I was in high school, I desperately wanted to be a cheerleader. Not a basketball cheerleader, a football cheerleader (there was a difference, and I liked football better).

Instead, I played sousaphone in the marching band - if you beg me, I might be able to unearth a photo.

But one of my favorite cheers went something like this:

W - H - I - P
Whip 'em to victory
Whip (ch)
Whip 'em good!
{clap clap clap}


That little cheer was going through my head after my last WIP Wednesday post. Oh, and that (ch) is supposed to be a whip crack sound.

I whipped 'em good this last week.


Pulled this Happy Campers postage stamp quilt off my top shelf, basted it, quilted it and bound it. Hiding it away as a birthday present for my always-freezing-in-his-office husband.

I also pulled this quilt off the shelf. It was cut and ready to be pieced, so I whipped it up over the weekend. Now if my good friend will only have a baby boy this go 'round.
I'm counting these next two as partial finishes - the tops are done and they get to move on up to the top shelf as they wait for me to get more batting.

My Sunkissed granny squares are done. Just in time for me to start another one - see below. I didn't have enough of that creamy neutral for the extra-wide borders, so it's a generous baby/toddler quilt size. I'll give it to my Little Miss Sunshine.

The tutorial is here, for those who are interested.

This next one languished forever. I made the blocks using the last of this buttery strawberry print - I loved it so much, I made an apron out of it.

Well, I finally figured out how I would sash it. Once that was figured out, it was just a matter of getting to work. And work I did. The whole quilt needs to be pressed, so here is just one of the blocks:

Up to the top shelf!

On to the WIPs:

My goal is to sew 10 Dresdens a week until I run out of wedges. I have NO idea how long that will take, but here are a few of them:
I really, really, REALLY love them.

And if one granny square quilt wasn't enough, I jumped feet first into the Granny Square Quilt-a-long. Check it out. And join. You know you want to.

I'd thought of using some PKM for it, but I didn't want to burn myself out on that fabric. Gotta keep the passion alive for those Dresdens or I really will feel like I'm in a sweatshop.

So I dug out my Sew Cherry FQ bundle and am pressing it and cutting it this weekend in preparation for the quilt-a-long. Can't wait!
And finally, in progress is my Modern Mini challenge. Well, I'm making two of them. And you get to vote on which one I should enter - how awesome is that!

This pile o' PKM scraps (and a few others - I'm not so cool I have lots of scraps just yet) is going to make two very cute paper-pieced mini quilts.

And I've got a giveaway in the works. I've set a goal and once that goal is reached, I'm going to celebrate by giving away some charm packs (Ruby!!!!) and a couple of Thimbleblossom patterns. Keep watching - it's coming!

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See you next Wednesday! Come back on Friday for my finish post - might whip something else good!


  1. OMG. So many gorgeous projects. I love granny squares,too. I think I'm joining the quilt along.

  2. Love love love! Great finishes and OMG love those dresdens!

  3. I just found your blog through Pinterest. I have gotten hooked on the granny squares also. I have 10 blocks all from my stash. I look forward to more blog posts from you!

  4. Wow, you have a lot going on. I especially love your Sunkissed granny squares. Those fabrics work so well with that design. It's so pretty all together.


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