24 February 2012

Finish it up Friday: the one where I'm most certainly not a robot

What's that?

I'm most certainly not a robot?

She's gone nuts over here.

Most likely because I'm having to prove over and over again that I'm not a robot.

I have the word verification thingy turned off, and here's why. I never get spam. Perhaps I'm not important enough, or popular enough, to be bothered with. Either way, hasn't happened.

Now, if I do get a couple here and there, I'd rather I have to just delete it than torment the people nice enough to comment on my blog with straining their eyes, trying to figure out two blurry, sometimes nonsense words. Not going to do that to you. It's my way of saying "Thanks for commenting!"

Phew. I'm done. But I urge you to seriously consider turning it off. Just try it. If you get spam, blame me and turn it back on if the spam annoys you that much.

Okay, on to the finishes!

I've blogged two of these this week, but I have different pictures this time, so they are kinda new to the awesome 17 followers I have. By the way - I got a little giddy when the number hit 15. Don't know what I'll do when/if I ever get to something really big, like 30!

This first is my Happy Campers postage stamp quilt. It's going to be my husband's birthday present, which is why there isn't a full shot, as his 6'2" self was not allowed to hold it up.

So this is what happens when you hold it yourself and ask your six-year-old son to take the picture:

Cool, but not what I was going for. At least it's so blurry you can't tell that I need to sweep.

A roll-up shot. I love a good roll-up shot. I'm working on mine.
And I love a plaid binding.

I needed to wrap up in it after I stood in my sludgy lawn (the snow is melted and the homeowners we rent from never much cared if they had grass or mud, so it's mostly mud).

Next is a baby boy quilt that I hope goes to my darling friend who is expecting her sixth child. The first five were girls, so we're crossing our fingers on this one.

The last two finishes are just fun little ones. My son William (who can't take a picture) asked for a book basket he can put on his bed. I spent some (okay, a lot) time on Pinterest looking for an idea. I found this one and adjusted the size so the books would fit.
I like it okay, but I need to play around with it some more. I want the sides higher, and I want to add handles next time. My daughter wants some for her doll clothes. I like them because they don't break like the plastic bins do.

And there were square scraps when I was all done with the fabric baskets (I made four). So I made a quilt for William's bear and bird. His sister has a gazillion doll quilts and he needed one for his animals. Happy to oblige.
I backed it with the glow-in-the-dark star fabric that's on his yet-to-be-quilted R2D2 quilt.

And now, the progress. Working on one of my mini quilts - this one is selfishly all about me. I love cake. LOVE cake. I got a baking and pastry degree for Pete's sake. Yes, I love cake.

So I found this paper piecing pattern and decided to make six slices. One for six of my favorite cakes: carrot, red velvet, old-fashioned birthday cake, devil's food, lemon and coconut. The coconut is not working out well - white cake with white frosting is tough to execute. But it's my favorite favorite. What to do. Still, what do you think?
The carrot cake is pretty bright orange though, right? I might remake it with a softer orange if I can find one in my stash. That one is a little over the top, but it works.

Last, I've been cutting granny square prep while my kids do their lessons. I busted out my Sew Cherry FQ bundle and have been happily slicing and dicing. The quilt along is starting next week. Can't wait!

Linking up today with crazy mom quilts and

Check them all out. It's my favorite thing to do on Fridays, to browse all the finishes and progress. And leave nice comments. Even if I have to prove I'm not a robot perpetually!

ETA: I can't believe I keep forgetting to blog my super fave finish this week:

Seriously. Loved. This. Finish.

Red dress? Snowy proposal? Can't beat it. I'll be watching it over and over again until the new season comes out. Love my Downton Abbey.


  1. I'm so with you on this word verification. You have made a lovely quilt. I like it.

  2. Those cake slices and the mini for your son are so cute!!!

  3. Love love love that Happy Campers quilt! I am making those Granny squares too so much fun! How awesome that your son asks for a special place for his books too! :)

  4. I love your postage stamp quilt and that's a fab picture of your little boy - such a cheeky face!

  5. Great finishes, Jennie! I too posted that I was not a robot this week. :) Thanks for turning yours off. Love your sense of humour and I think I'll enjoy seeing what you do next! Oh, and I love cake too and think your cake slices are awesome. Are you going to do a red velvet cake slice or oooh, a black forest cake slice! Hmmm, I'm hungry... Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  6. Love the cake slices! They are making me want a real piece of cake!
    BTW, how do you turn off the verification?

  7. This was so much fun to read! I love your attitude and sense of humor! The projects you have are fabulous and love that you sew for your family, esp the kiddoes!

    Those cake slices are just awesome!

  8. ps

    so totally agree with you about the blurry words...on the upswing of fortyness...lol...it drives me nuts!

  9. I love your postage stamp quilt. I too will be watching Downton Abbey over and over again until the next season starts. Such a great ending to season two.

  10. Lots of great projects! My oldest is a HUGE Star Wars fan. I have one piece of Star Wars fabric to use as a backing on a Harry Potter quilt for him (not sure when it will ever get done). I agree with the 'robot' thing. It's been driving me nuts for a week now. I'm thinking of turning it off on my blog, too.

  11. Wow - you've had a productive week! I love the postage stamp quilt. Great job!

  12. Love, love, love your postage stamp quilt, the cake blocks (adorable!) and that cute little smiling face behind his new "animal" quilt. What a lot of great finishes! :o)

    A note on the verifications: Someone kindly informed me today that mine were turned on, and I didn't even know it. If you're logged into your blog, you don't see it on your own comment page! It took some time to figure out how to turn them off, because in the new blogger setup, there's no place to do it! grr... So for anyone on blogger having the same problem, you have to click on blogger options in your dashboard (the little cogwheel symbol on the top right) and click on "old blogger interface." From there, you can switch off your comment verifications and then return to the new interface. What a pain! I should probably put all this on my blog to let others know. It wasn't so easy to figure out, but hopefully the dreaded things are gone now. lol

  13. You are a busy quilter! :-) That postage stamp quilt is awesome ~ even in its blurriness.

    I agree with you about the captcha. Mine is turned off too.

  14. Oh the postage stamp quilt turned out perfect!!! love it! love the fabric for your granny squares!

  15. Hehe, so glad you're not a robot! You should hire your son out - it makes a lovely looking quilt and it would certainly fix my mismatched points to have them photographed like that... but your finish is lovely too. Congrats, and thanks for linking up with TGIFF. :)

  16. Lots of pretty finishes - love your postage stamp quit! And I agree with you about the best.finish.ever!! Whop whoop!!

  17. I just found your site from Crazy Mom Quilts. I love your cake slices! What about a light cream fabric for the frosting, with the idea that it's a toasted coconut frosting? It would still have the right effect, with enough contrast to the white cake.

    I've been mulling over the idea of participating in the Granny Squares QAL. I have so many other things going on, though. We'll see...

  18. Love those cake blocks!! You postage stamp quilt is making me want to make one too.

  19. OH MY GOSH!!! Those cake blocks ROCK!!! WOW!!!

  20. This is the post that brought me over from pinterest.... The cake slices. My mom's family never foes to visit without bringing "a piece of cake". Ie some type of dessert. I think next time I go to visit my Aunt, this will be the piece of cake I bring. Thanks for the inspiration.


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