03 July 2012

Christmas In July

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

Maybe it's the string quilt I'm working on for my friend's wedding. More likely it's the long list o' gifts I want to make and I'm determined to get them done well before December 23rd.

Some of them have to be done before December 1st. Like this tree skirt:

I pinned it last December and I must have one this year. Here are my fabric choices, all from Michael Miller:


I have a serious fabric crush on Michael Miller. It all started with this fabric:

Isn't that the cutest fabric EVER? I made an apron, a Christmas stocking and I fussy cut it to make a quilt. It's my favorite and I can't find any more of it. But it has been years.

I'll do two ruffles of white, maybe a white tonal stripe or snowflake print or something. I don't do a lot of green - I prefer all red and white for Christmas.

So, what do you think? What are you working on for Christmas this year?


  1. I love red and white fabric! These are fantastic! Michael Miller does the best Christmas fabric! I agree.

  2. The worst thing about Michael Miller fabric, is they get sold out. The best thing is, there is always some new and adorable coming out!

  3. I love that bottom fabric! Red and white is a great choice!

  4. Christmas? Oh gosh! I will let you know after Halloween what is coming for Christmas.

    I do look forward to seeing the tree skirt sewn up. It's sure to be great!

  5. Hi! I found your blog after seeing you won Randi's giveaway this week. I'm hosting a Christmas in July event on my blog, and there's a link-up at the end of the month to show off your projects and win some great prizes! Feel free to check it out! The info is in a tab at the top of the page and we just had our first set of tutorials on Monday :)


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