09 July 2012

Make a List Monday and One Thing, One Week Challenge

Last week, Amy over at Amy's Creative Side hosted another One Thing, One Week challenge. I was up for something smallish, what with the holiday and all.

My goal was to cut up my Lucy's Crab Shack FQ bundle into triangles. And I did it, between all the barbecues, pool days, cherry pies, fireworks (oh my goodness, the fireworks!), hikes, and fried chicken (twice because I love my husband that much).

Not only did I get those cut, but I scored a stack o' 2.5" squares from the scraps using my Go! cutter.

On the list for this week:

  1. Piece Hall of Fame triangle quilt top.
  2. Finish a library bag for my 4-year-old.
  3. Cut and sew swim bags for my oldest four kids.
  4. Cut out Twirl Hopscotch quilt.
  5. Have a sew/cut day with my buddy Alisha (while our collective nine children play in the very small pool in my backyard).
  6. If Hall of Fame top gets pieced, baste it. 
  7. If Hall of Fame gets basted, start quilting.
I have to have that Hall of Fame quilt done by next Thursday night. I might be calling for some babysitting assistance!


  1. I need to do a make a list Monday. I'd worry I wouldn't get it all done, though. It would be a very long list. Good luck with yours!

  2. That's an ambitious list! Good luck! :-)


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