11 July 2012

WIP Wednesday: why didn't I do this before?

I love embroidery. I'm not spectacular at it, but I really like having something that travels well and I can work on anywhere.

So why haven't I started an embroidery project for over two years?

Wait, don't answer that. There is no great reason.

I needed something to take to my church activity last night. I've been wanting to make this wall quilt for a while. I had the fabric. I had the pattern.

So I traced out the first one and got going yesterday afternoon. As it stands now, I'm almost done with the first one.

This might actually get done by Halloween. Shock! Gasp! Eek! Who knew?

And I've got half the Hall of Fame Triangle quilt laid out. I have to keep the door shut on this one because my little miss likes to crawl in and rearrange everything.

Still, it should be done by next Wednesday, no problem. Yeah, my deadline has moved up. My law student wants us to come up a day early so we can play. I'm all for that. And he just might let me do a little fabric shopping . . .

Linking up!

Have a great week and I'll see you Friday, because I have a finished quilt to show off. Just need to go to the pool to take some pictures!


  1. I like your triangle quilt. I have an antique one at home with a lot of the old cheddar colour in it. I like them but am afraid of sewing one. Looks pretty intimidating for a beginner!

  2. The triangle quilt looks great. A triangle quilt is on my long to do list. I like the color palette you chose.

  3. The fabric choices for your quilt are lovely!

  4. Love your stitchery projects! WOuld you share the name of the pattern? I tried the link but it appears the pattern isn't available there any more..and I'm hoping to find a copy somewhere!


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