21 December 2012

Friday Finish: An old finish, but I need to blog it!

Can't believe I haven't blogged this quilt! I was going through my 4QFAL list, making sure I'm ready for the link up after the first of the year. Couldn't find a blog post about this quilt for my awesome little man James. So here it is:

Backed in orange minky because that's his favorite color. I've got enough fabric left over from this project to make one more. Can't hurt. It's SO flippin' cold downstairs in our house. I want my babies warm!

And since you were so nice to let me post an old finish, here's a new one. I'm excited about this one. Made some e-reader covers for Christmas gifts (one for me too!). I love this London one:

I had so much fun trying to fussy cut things, make sure they lined up just right. Love the crowns, and the "I heart London" line.

I even made sure it showed up on the binding! Love it all!

Then I made three library bags for my book-loving niece and nephews.

Those, along with some new books, have been wrapped and shipped off.

I've got most of my Christmas sewing done (with a vow to myself to get it done a whole lot sooner next year!). Finished the law student's jammies. Bagged the softy idea (one pattern was making me lose my religion, so not really what I want to be doing during the Christmas season!). Working on a robe for my oldest son and more gift bags. That's about it!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Super Jennie does it again!!! Love the orange minky backing ... How snuggly is that? Merry Christmas :)

  2. The quilt is awesome! The orange is so cheerful. And I love the bags, lucky kids! Have a great Christmas!

  3. The e-reader cover is so cute! Seriously love it

  4. Wow, great quilt and minky backing! Love, still trying to make it work for me.


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