18 December 2012

The Home Stretch

I promise I've got a big post of finishes to come. But I'd like to get it all finished. So I'm not taking time to do a big, time-consuming blog post right now.

As it stands, here's what I've got to get done:
  • alligator softy
  • turtle softy
  • shark softy
  • dolphin softy
  • 5 sets of dragon wings
  • jammies for the law student
  • gift for my MIL
Once those are done, I'll start to work on more gift bags. The stockings are put on hold (sigh, again) for next year. I might just kick myself in the rear and finish them in January before I put the Christmas stuff away. Maybe.

I've also got five Toothless (from How to Train your Dragon) softies to make, if I can find the time. But as those are beastly complicated, they might be little Valentine's gifts. That's a good Valentine's gift, right?

See you on the other side!

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