17 January 2013

Greetings from Virus-ville!

Oh my, I'm not loving the cold virus that is waging war on my sewing time. I'm not usually so bloodthirsty, but boy do I want it to die!

I've gotten some prep work done, and I'm almost done with my Mama Said Sew D4 blocks, so things are progressing.

Then I have to go and give myself a deadline. For next Wednesday. This was before illness struck, mind you.

A sweet girl at church was just diagnosed with bone cancer. Inspired by the work that Sarah does, I decided this girl needed a quilt to get her through her treatments. I called her church leader to see what she thought. She loved the idea and wanted the other girls to tie the quilt, so could I have it done in time for the activity on the 23rd? Oh sure!

Then the cold virus apocalypse dawned. Not pretty. And I've chosen this tutorial. That's a whole lot o' curves to cut and sew! The cutting is done, so on to the sewing.

But I'm determined to get it done, so I'm only checking in here for accountability's sake. Wish me luck! See you on the other side!


  1. Feel better soon. I had the same thing at Thanksgiving so the dinner didn't get cooked! Love your block colors!

  2. good luck! the bunny fabric is adorable! this is going to be a very sweet quilt. i think it is a fabulous idea to involve the other girls at church in the making of this quilt :)

  3. That's going to be a beautiful quilt - good luck getting it done in time! Here's also hoping you're already feeling much much better....

  4. Hope you are feeling better each day. Cute fabrics and the group tying is a super idea.

  5. I hope you'll soon feel well enough to accomplish the wonderful project you've taken up on yourself!

  6. My daughter 'shared' her cold with me..here's wishing both of us a speedy recovery. Your church friend is sure to love her quilt and all the thoughts and prayers for her that will go into it.


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