18 January 2013

Seller Feedback

I'd never really paid attention to my "buyer feedback" on Etsy. I mean, why would a seller give negative feedback? I buy your product, I pay you right away, you ship it out to me. End of story.

Well, apparently, I upset the seller I purchased the red minky from back in September. The one who didn't actually send it when she said she sent it? And after two weeks, it was found in the back of her daughter's truck. When she offered to send it, and that I would have to wait 5-6 more days for it, I asked for a refund of my shipping charges. Her response was to cancel the order and re-list the item. Oh, and leave me negative feedback.

What's funny about her feedback is that she said things like "sellers beware!" Um, no one else can see that feedback but me. And since I've been a great buyer all over the Etsy world, I find this hilarious.

So you fabric sellers out there, BEWARE! I just might buy fabric from you, pay for it right away and expect you to actually ship it when you said you shipped it. BEWARE!!!!


  1. Wow! Gives new meaning to passive-agressive behavior, doesn't it?

  2. That sounds a tad bit crazy. That leaves you with 3 options: leave her bad feedback as well, report it to Etsy to get it changed, or try the Kiss and Make Up feature to get it changed. Though you sound pretty ok with the situation! I would be so mad if someone gave me bad feedback as a buyer when none of it would be my fault!

  3. Some people have a lot of nerve, don't they? Feel free to let me know who she is so I don't buy from her.

  4. Hi!!! Sorry this happened to you..good wins in the end!!

  5. are you sure you are the only one who can see it? that's kind of an odd feature. I know on Ebay the feedback is visible to all. Maybe she sells a lot on Ebay as well and got confused. She clearly never took Customer Satisfaction 101A.

  6. Wow, that seller should have apologized for her error, jumped all over your request and offered you a discount on your next order. Guess that would have been the right thing to do. I would like to know who runs their business like that so I don't end up being a "great buyer" like you. Thanks for sharing your story.


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