11 February 2013

Make-A-List Monday: block party!

Since it's been two weeks since my last Monday list posting, we'll just start fresh. I like that idea.

I loved finding out about all the other English geeks like me. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

I've joined one of the do.Good stitches bees. We're doing word blocks this month, and I'm figuring things out. It's low volume, which is the anti-thesis of me, but I just might find something that will work. The words I've chosen are "comfort" and "silver lining" - these quilts are going to a women's shelter, and I thought those words would be good fits. I'm pulling fabrics and will get started this week on those. Would a light aqua be okay? I've got some gray and some light yellow, but I'm really struggling with this one!

Okay, so the actual list:
  • pull fabrics for do.good stitches bee blocks - print off letters!
  • trim the HST blocks for my Hello Sunshine Jacob's Ladder - there are a lot of these! Thank goodness for old episodes of Downton Abbey
  • cut the fabric for my Flirt Briar Rose quilt
  • start cutting strips for that quilt I'm trying to avoid
That's all. Those Hello Sunshine blocks are going to be time consuming anyway. And I'm going out of town Saturday through Tuesday. But I'm taking some cutting projects with me so I have something to do while I'm at my mom's house.

Now here's another thought for you: I'm already planning our family pictures this summer (my cousin is a photographer). I want to use a quilt in them. I've seen so very many cute pictures of families on quilts, kids wrapped in quilts, couples wrapped in quilts, that I must use one in my photo shoot.

Here's where I start to over-think things. Which quilt do I choose? And do I coordinate our outfits with the quilt? I know. I'm a dork. I don't want us to clash with it, but I don't want us to blend in either. Decisions, decisions!

Here are the two quilts I'm trying to decide between:

I know, two triangle quilts. But I need one that's big enough. I'm leaning towards the Lucy's Crab Shack quilt, but not enough to start shopping for clothes. And I'm getting some Glamping fabric soon, so I might just go with that quilt. But who knows!

Thoughts? And yes, you can tell me I'm a total dork. I can handle it.


  1. I love the idea of having the quilt in the photos! I brought a quilt my grandmother made to my engagement photo shoot. My suggestion about the clothes would be to keep it simple and have the quilt be the pop of color. Love it!

  2. Love the idea-both quilts are gorgeous-I may have to take some pics of my quilts with my family on them, thanks for inspiration.

  3. We had family photos taken last year. Wish i'd thought to put one of my quilts in them! Either quilt will be gorgeous. The top one probably seems slightly more summery to me. But, do you have boys? they would possibly see it as too girly? Especially when they're 15 and the photos are up on the walls for all their friends to see! As for clothes, go classic. Blue jeans and white tshirts/shirts. Blends with everything, clashes with nothing, and you all look coordinated without having to be matchy matchy. My best friend is photographer and that's what she's taught me.

  4. The first quilt is bright and summery fun! I'd choose it for the shoot.

  5. First quilt with jeans, white (or black) tops, and I LOVE barefoot, casual photos. Unscripted.... :) Love your quilts!!


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