22 April 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Shifting Gears

We had some gloriously rainy days last week. It's my southern Oregon coast roots, combined with years of living in Seattle, but it made me hunker down with my slippers, cocoa and sewing machine. The kids happily built quilt forts all over the house and I got a few things done.

My list for last week:
  • Cut out 2 nightgowns for my oldest girl
Done. One purple, one blue nightgowns all cut out and ready for the serger. She helped pin and gather scraps. We're going to make some matching slippers for her out of the scraps and she's very excited about them.
  • Cut out three furry brown vests for my boys, who all want to be Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon (we're a bit dragon crazy over here lately!)
I wish, but somebody (probably a tiny blue-eyed girl) lost the pattern pieces for it. So I'm waiting for another pattern sale at JoAnn's so I can get a new pattern. Grrr. Thankfully, they've been in ninja mode for a bit now.
  • Cut Happy Go Lucky charms for a nine-patch/snowball quilt (inspired by this one)
Cut and this is where I hunkered down and sewed all the snowball blocks (49!) and most of the nine-patches. Just 10ish more to go, but I need more charm squares, so those are ordered and on their way. In the meantime, aren't they so very cute?

  • Cut more charm squares for Backyard Baby patchwork (an H2H quilt) 
Done. My oldest girl and I will be laying out this quilt this week so we can get the top sewn.

  •  And if the stuff arrives, cut out 2 nightgowns for me!
I ordered two awesome vintage sheets off etsy . . .

. . . and cut them into two nightgowns for me. There was so much fabric that I also scored two pairs of jammie pants as well. Doing a little happy dance over here! Those will get stitched up on the serger this week too. So very excited, because I love the silkiness of those cotton/poly blends. Giddy giddy giddy!

So, can you guess what kind of sewing I'm doing this week?
  • Get out the serger and sew the two nightgowns for my girly
  • Sew at least the jammy pants for me
  • Sew my nightgowns too, if there's time
  • If the charm packs arrive, cut rest of squares for nine-patch blocks
  • Lay out H2H quilts (Crossroads and patchwork)
  • Pack more boxes, but that's not sewing related
There. We'll see how I do. What are you working on this week.

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