15 April 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Stress Sewer

I've mentioned this before, but I'm a pastry cook by training. Which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I can bake anything. Candy? No prob. Fancy French pastries? Give me the time and I'll do it. Not to mention easy peasy stuff like brownies, cookies, lemon bars, cakes, etc.

The curse is that I can bake anything. And I've found during these last two years of law school for my husband that I am a stress eater. I might have always been, but my metabolism has slowed down. I'm trying to retrain my stress/anxiety response by heading towards the sewing room instead of the fridge. Last week, I think it worked!

I won't share all the stress (three showings of the house!), but I found myself finding solace at my sewing table. Don't worry. My family wasn't neglected. I had plenty of peanut butter, chicken nuggets and orange juice in the house. Only sorta kidding!

Here's my list from last week:
  • Piece Hello Sunshine Jacob's Ladder blocks
Now technically, I didn't finish them. I've got a gazillion to go, but I got some 70-ish done (and please remember I had already pieced and trimmed the HSTs and two-patch blocks, so I wasn't starting from scratch, lest you get too impressed):

  • Piece borders for Posy Kiss Me quilt
Yep. And I ordered one of those Angler 2 tools so I don't have to eyeball and rip out seams when I don't get those HSTs right. Still. It's a cute border. Add this one to the flimsy pile!

  • Finish piecing green/pink/brown blocks (H2H quilt!)
All done, ready to lay out and piece into a flimsy!

  • Make two bee blocks and mail them
Actually finished these bee blocks early this month. She asked for blocks made from the In Color Order HST tutorials. I chose March and July:

As for this week:
  • Cut out 2 nightgowns for my oldest girl
  • Cut out three furry brown vests for my boys, who all want to be Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon (we're a bit dragon crazy over here lately!)
  • Cut Happy Go Lucky charms for a nine-patch/snowball quilt (inspired by this one)
  • Cut more charm squares for Backyard Baby patchwork (an H2H quilt)
  • And if the stuff arrives, cut out 2 nightgowns for me!
Oh, and pack more boxes. And probably show the house at least five more times. And forget that I have all the stuff to make brownies, cheesecake AND rice-krispie treats.


  1. I hope things go well for you this week. I love the Jacob Ladder's blocks.

  2. you've gotten so much done! i think a lot of people stress eat. sewing is a great alternative!

  3. Comfort food is so bad...so,so bad so yes I think sewing deters me from that sometimes for certain:) Plus if I lived with a pastry chef I may gobble up some goodies a little too much...just sayin' ;)

    Beautiful Jacob's Ladder top!

  4. The flimsy looks great, love how all the points look. I'm still impressed with the 70. Peanut Butter has protein which is good for you :)


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