10 April 2013

The World's Most Intriguing Blog Post Title

Cannot come up with a headline grabber to save my life today. Sorry!

It's Wednesday and I wish my WIPs were closer to finishing than they are, but blast it, I had to clean up the house again for another showing yesterday and then they called and want to show it again tomorrow. So 48ish hours between showings = plenty of time for the kids to trash the place. Good grief.

And I tried to clean out the shrubbery yesterday morning. Yeah, that's not going to happen. First, because I don't HAVE to do it (I was just being nice). Second, because I'd need a suit of armor to tackle those rose bushes. They are seriously overgrown and impossible to deal with. I've made a note to myself that I won't have rose bushes around my house. I'll go with hydrangeas and lilacs and other non-killer-thorny shrubs. These ones are AWFUL!

I much prefer dandelions . . .

Okay, but I'm going to sew this morning. And I'm going to work on these blocks:

I like them okay, which means it's great I'm giving it away. Still don't do well with scrappy stuff. But they are cute. The other plus to making these charity quilts is getting my daughter involved. She loves hanging out with me, and I'm teaching her sew, so we talk about what I'm working on and who it's for. I showed her the website for Quilts Beyond Borders and it started a conversation about orphans, poor people and helping others. I know I talk a lot about starving children in other countries (usually when I can't get them to eat homemade chicken pot pie awesomeness!), but I think it did her a lot of good to see kids who don't have much. And will do her good to help make something for them.

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  1. Hope the house-showing is a success for you soon, Jennie. Love the quilt - love the little dandelion-holding cherub too :)

  2. I love this pattern. It is so cool.


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