08 April 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Taking Names!

I love being productive. Love love love it! I love crossing things off my list. I sometimes add things I've finished to my to-do list just so I can another thing crossed off. True story. With five awesome kids around all day, I don't always get to get much done.

Here's my list from last week:

  • Piece the three flimsies I meant to piece last week - 2 scrappy trips and my Gypsy Girl patchwork
Done! Here they are (curse the rain and wind, but I got pictures at least!):

My PKM scrappy trips. I originally was going to do it just like the London trips, with small diamonds, but that dark green fabric was always drawing my eye, no matter where I put it. So I figured I'd just make it front and center and then it wouldn't bug me. Glad I did that.

My Gypsy Girl patchwork. Never again will I think that it's "so easy" to make a simple patchwork. Maybe it is if you aren't a smidge OCD like me, but this took forEVER to lay out because I couldn't have similar colors or patterns too close together, if I could help it, and I had to take deep breaths when it couldn't be avoided. But it's done and I love it. My girly loves it too, which is good because it's going in her blanket chest for the winter!

My London trips. I'm so glad I used the white. Love this one. My 6'2", eyes of blue husband has claimed this one. Finally a quilt he can bury himself in! His mother is also from London so he says it should naturally be his. No arguments here.

  • Prep fabric for semi-annual cut-a-thon - I 'splained here what that is, exactly
Prepped and cut it all while listening to the most amazing, uplifting talks. Great great weekend. Even got started on some blocks:

These are for one of my H2H quilts. I pulled all the pinks, greens (that were the right color), and browns. I'm using this pattern, which is pretty simple and straightforward, but it comes out looking pretty fantastic. I obviously can't share the process with you, but it is layer cake friendly, and I just used stuff from my stash.
  • Finish Strawberry Fields Shortcake blocks
All done and ready to lay out.

So, as for this week, here are my new plans:
  • Piece Hello Sunshine Jacob's Ladder blocks
I trimmed these during my cut-a-thon this past weekend. Took me FOUR hours to do it. I know, because I started it during the first session on Saturday, and finally finished it when the second session concluded. Now I've just gotta get these blocks done.

  • Piece borders for Posy Kiss Me quilt
Cut the pieces for this during my cut-a-thon. Need to finish these so that I can make this an official flimsy finish.

  • Finish piecing green/pink/brown blocks (H2H quilt!)
Took me a bit to decide what to do with this, but I'm excited to get this done.

  • Make two bee blocks and mail them
One black and white and one green/blue/purple

That's all for this week. Here's hoping they don't want to show the house again this week!

I am adding two things:

First, a recipe, so I can link up with Sarah. It's my carrot cake recipe, over at my cake blog. Yes. I have a cake blog. It needs some more attention! But this is the BEST carrot cake recipe. Kid you not. I'm not great with quilts just yet, but I speak pastry. I bleed chocolate. And I love this carrot cake.

Second: are y'all aware of the free shipping offer going on this week at the FQS? Yep. $40 = free shipping. Now that I can manage!

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  1. Goodness you have gotten a lot done...I finished one quilt and called it a day;-) And yes, those simple one patch quilts are not easy as duplicate prints always seem to end up next to each other.
    blessings, jill
    ps. hope all is going well on the house

  2. OMg that scrappy trip with PKM is KILLING ME! So lovely!

  3. Ah a blanket chest how great is that!

    What a perfect quilt for a Brit. A British man. hehehe

    Carrot cake sounds yummy:)

  4. Oh wow!! Everything looks so pretty and you have quite the list. :o) You can do it!!

  5. Ok, wow. That gypsy girl quilt is really quite something. I know what goes into it, and you've made it look so simple, and it is quite spectacular.

  6. Every time I see quilts made of so many tiny, tiny blocks, I'm amazed by the patience of the quilter. And, you managed not just one but two of them. Hats off to you!

  7. So many wonderful quilts in the works! You are one busy lady ;-)


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