24 March 2014

Make-A-List Monday: The best laid plans . . . .

Man, I was excited to get a quilt done last week. I even had the finish blog post scheduled (and forgot to delete it - sorry!).

Things started well. Got to the sis-in-law's. Loaded the quilt. And then disaster struck. But I didn't know. Started quilting it. Quilted the whole top section. Rolled it up to quilt some more, and that's when I saw it. Seriously bad looping/icky stitching on the back. Not a happy girl. So I got to unload it, talk to the sis-in-law, and go home to pick out the stitching.

We've since learned that you should really change your quilting needle after doing a big denim quilt (she had just finished one) or a batik quilt (another one she had finished). Good to know!

So I have no finished quilt to show for last week.

As for this week, if I can a) finish picking out the stitching and b) get over there for a few hours this week, I might get it done.

So my list looks like this:
  • pick out stitching
  • quilt the dang quilt!
  • if that doesn't happen, make the matching pillowcases at least
  • and finish my I Love Lucy flimsy (just have to sew the rows together)
All will not be lost. But dang it if I want to finish a quilt. Or ten. Or twenty. 


  1. I have had that happen to me and it is so frustrating! Good luck on removing the stitches and quilting again.

  2. Oh, sad day! I was looking forward to you finishing something, too! I hope you get it all picked out and requilted soon.

  3. Poor Jen :(
    Hope it all works out and sorry I missed your birthday last week. Hope you had a great one x


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